Premium plant-based butter that’s better for all.

Herbivore® is a premium plant-based butter made from natural coconut. It’s sustainable, healthy and delicious. It’s dairy-free, vegan and keto-friendly.

However you like your butter, Herbivore® is delicious, spreadable, bakeable, cookable, sauceable, basteable, and meltable.

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Our Butter
Croissant cut in half sitting next to butter block on round wooden board

Butter for better pastry

Herbivore® delivers puff pastry fractionation for every bake. It’s butter reinvented – no cow, no soy, no palm oil, and no tree nuts.

Our Butter
A coconut plantation with coconut trees and mountains in the background

Butter for the planet

Coconut plantations sequester carbon, improve marginal land use and act as a carbon sink, removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Our Story
A plate with a slice of lemon butter cake with a spoonful of butter frosting on the side

Butter for better cakes

Herbivore® butter creates light and tender batter texture, helps cakes rise and makes creamy icing. It outperforms traditional dairy butter across the board.

A plate with steamed green beens, with Herbivore™ Butter and some flaky salt on the side

Butter for better greens

Herbivore® enhances the flavour of lightly grilled or seared vegetables. It helps your body maximise the absorption of vitamins and nutrients in vegetables.


No cow
No soy
No palm oil
No tree nuts

Our Story
Phillipa Stevenson, owner of Tart Bakery

Butter for award winning bakers

“We exclusively use Herbivore® Buttersheets, to make our fabulous danish pastries, cream horns and croissants. This butter is so good in baked patisserie that no one can tell that they are not eating animal derived butter.”

Philippa Stephenson, Tart Bakery
NZ Vegan Pie Awards 2022 Supreme Winner
Luca Ciano, Celebrity Chef in white chef jacket

Butter for Michelin Star Chefs

“I was skeptical at first, plant based butter? However, once I started cooking with the butter I was really impressed and had a lot of fun — Herbivore® what a revolution.”

Luca Ciano, Celebrity Chef
2 x Michelin Star